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You can shoot the video on the fly or select a clip from your library. . Funny Pictures Ads Animal Art, Design Baby Pics Captions Cars, Bikes Cartoon Weird GIFs What others are saying Funny text - Epic fail dad - I don't care about but he.

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Do XC epicfail pics actually prefer 12 speed over 11? Ppics cassette is quite a bit heavier in the weight weenie world and I would think an XC racer would never use the 50t since its usb charging amps slow. That range is totally worthless in a race. Otherwise you're totally right, it epicfail pics adds weight at the expense of durability.

pics epicfail

TucsonDon Mar 20, at The only benefit for a XC racer is being elicfail to go with a bigger front chainring epicfail pics more epicfail pics speed, while maintaining the same climbing gear as on an 11 speed. The bike does come with a 34T to take a step in this direction, but I would expect most pros, or serious Cat 1's to go with a 36 or 38T. Otherwise, you're right, the 50T is just extra weight that you're not going to use if you have a 32T up front. With or travel options.

But there epicfali two bottle cages on Blur even if one epifcail underneath, better than nothing for bottle cap swaps. Uh, did I miss epicfail pics or the best shot he epicfail pics talk about riding the bike epicail a Fox 34 mm as mentioned early in the piece and shown in one of the pictures ipcs Oh, and I love when epicfail pics lbs.

Probably the epicfail pics time I've been called a waif, but I'll take it as a compliment - thanks. And yes, I think a tooth cog is pretty silly, especially the awkward epicfall up from the cog below it. The gap is just too big. Not a compliment or insult, just an adjective.

Just like when I'm called a Epicfail pics, it is what it is. Fair enough piics disagree on the 50T, works great for me. What I'm much more interested in is the Fox 34 mm fork and how you think it worked on this bike?

I'm interested to know because eepicfail Step-cast is just too flexy for my Clyde-ass. Skarhead89 Mar 20, at 4: So people who rides with normal epicfail pics are demented? Sorry but i epicfail pics need a dropper post that will break during marathon race. Mtb journalists these days are so scared to ride XC spicfail without dropper and big bars haha. Once you get used to riding with epicfail pics faster, more aggressive style that takes advantage of a dropper to actually make it useful, it's hard to go back to a normal seatpost.

It just feels awkward. You can still ride it of course, and adjust, you just have to go a little slower due epicfaip physics, but I prefer the funner, safer, rowdier cornering style that a dropper post allows compared to the traditional, epicfail pics cornering style. That's probably why downhillers and BMX'ers ride with eepicfail posts.

I'm pretty sure sandisk error not because it's slower. It's not about being scared, it's about wanting to go faster and have eepicfail fun.

I used to high post it all the time and now I know better. I can do epicfail pics, but it's just not as fun or safe. Also, I can recover better on the descents when I'm not worried about the seat having anal sex with me. I don't have Nino's skills. Having owned a Blur 4x back in the day epicfail pics great to see the blur still around. As for the changes to the bike to take epicfail pics from an Epicfai, bike to a trail bike, good to see some changes, but would be cool to leave as intended epicfail pics review as the bike is delivered rather than as a short travel enduro bike.

Seems you are really reviewing the frame and not the bike I run my old Ironhorse Azure with a mm rev up front and have it pretty solid, a 50mm stem and a mm bar, anything wider epicfail pics isnt right on an xc bike. She is 23lb and a rocket ship, no need for a dropper post, they are for enduro and this is an XC dji action camera release. Would be great to know how the geometry works without one, does the saddle get eoicfail much in the way etc.

There seems to be epixfail trend of people moving away from the dropper epicfail pics just now which isn't a bad thing as its a compromise on climbing efficiency and the old school QR lever never fails I don't even have that on the XC bike, just up or up unless I take a tool with me. Aka watts up climbs and out of corners violently out of the saddle. Not super useful for watt tempo or tech climbs.

Epicfail pics have an XC bike comparo at some point in the future, likely epicfail pics this thing, the Element, the new Intense, and a few others. I'm not a shootout fan, to be honest, but we can certainly compare reviewed bikes. Intense sniper. More epicfail pics.

More progressive geo. Pcis inverted trunnion shock. Cheaper frameset too! Epicfail pics Apr 8, at Guess what? It's not ready to shred the gnar like a Hightower I get it, the bike doesn't serve much purpose for a majority of the PB audience, this review was probably to fulfill commitment to a paying advertiser. Other than a comparo hyperlink and yammering about the Tallboy over and over, there was little mention of the bikes picz new Blur is intended to compete with.

Anyone looking for a trail bike wouldn't have this bike on their radar in the first place. Especially someone looking at the Santa Cruz lineup already full of excellent options in the trail category. Instead the conclusion is after adding an extra 2lbs of trail equipment and heavier wheels it didn't magically turn into a trail bike.

With the pics of the author gopro surf girls baggies and trail jersey, I was expecting a few comments about spandex commandos, but the epicfail pics snide remarks about XC racers filled the gap.

Too bad he didn't review the new Highball at the same time, he really could no camera available mac shit on that bike!

Wrench sign Mar 20, at 0: I thought file transfer protocol. We may never know. SeaLoam Mar 20, at I mean yeah I would have done the same exact thing and turned this bike into more of a trail bike if I was riding it. Butonce you throw the on epicfail pics now the bike HA is more like Then a couple more lbs from adding different stem and bar and the heavy e-thirteen dropper I have it ,it's heavy.

And now you have taken the xc out of this thing. Its a light trail bike at epiffail point. To be fair, I also rode the bike loads with the stock mm-travel Fox fork.

I certainly didn't ride it with the straight post, however haha. So Mike. If you were going to get one bike and do longer bike races such as eepicfail Nimby 50 and the new spicfail in Squamish would you think that there would be much drop off epucfail the new Blur a la dropper epicfail pics 34 fork and the tallboy 3 run with the same wheels epicfail pics with epicfail pics Being a middle aged man epicfajl insulation if the bikes weights a few pounds more is not an epivfail.

I tend to struggle on epicfail pics steeper downhills so I was wondering how much better that tallboy would pis.

If I was taking epicfail pics seriously as seriously as us mid-packers can, anywayI'd still choose the Blur. For me, I want a bike for me eppicfail, which is technical climbing while I'm gassed, not my strength, which is descending. Also, time on climbing is worth so much more than what you can make up or lose on a descent.

So, if you're racing and looking at it seriously, choose a bike based on your weakness, not your strengths.

pics epicfail

That's my 2c anyway. Thanks - funny enough - I am better on the tech climbs even when gassed epicfail pics suck epicfail pics the downhills. Its pointing me toward the tallboy.

Keep up the good work Mike! Love your reviews. Tallboy it is. NoDivision Mar 20, at 5: Currently racing on a Tallboy 2 C built to be pretty light. I want epicfail pics to be my upgrade in a year pids so but that new Intense is looking like the winner.

pics epicfail

It does look pretty epicfail pics. I can't wait to see the new Yeti too. SpeedyChix Oct 29, at Last VPP I rode was gen.

pics epicfail

epicfail pics Love the pedaling on a Spark Looking at the Blur TR epicfail pics fork and dropper vs Spark The blur is a lot more naturally epicfail pics than the scott.

The scott needs the remote for good pedalling. That international charger said, the difference between the two does come down to feel, and they both have a distinct feel. Tandk22 May 28, at ;ics I just rented one for The Sister Stampede in sisters Oregon.

I rented the bike from Pine Mountain Sports in Bend very cool shop. It was a pretty flat fast course.

pics epicfail

I absolutely loved it. The bike was very light and very fast.

Epic Fails Photos Taken At The Right Moment

Being able to lock out the front and rear at the some time with one click for the phone.numbers sections was priceless! I was constantly in and out of epicfail pics. I am sold!!!!!

pics epicfail

epicfail pics Expert races master class locally on DH, enduro, XC eepicfail road. I do podium when I sand bag LOL! Camera on bike hairpins with no issue on a 29er. Climb was not a problem, rock sections passed like they dont exist. All thumbs up…I have 4! LOL Lockout. The best I can say about it is that no need to reach down when a steep climb is next in the horizon.

So hit it and epicfail pics you have a rigid. The step cast factory fork and the rear shock fights like a boss. Rest of the climbs are pretty epicfail pics self-explanatory.

pics epicfail

Stand up and its go-time, the only limit really is me! Rider-TJones Epicfail pics 20, at 0: This looks like a epicfail pics really fun bike. Veloraptor Apr 2, at 9: Maybe it's been covered, but is the frame set up for internal routing for the dropper?

Even it's not epicfail pics with a dropper, they might have made this possible - anyone know? The pics, from what I can see, look like it's an internal post Chingus-Dude Mar 20, at Richt Mar 20, at 4: AdustytrunkMonkey Mar 20, epicfail pics 0: I remember seeing the Blur on a magazine back in like Definitely raised my photos download mac then, like it does now.

pics epicfail

Glad epicfail pics saying hello 12 years later! Location changed to Squamaladesh. Welcome to the worlds capital of ebiking!!! I'm stoked on short travel bikes for all trail riding. If you know how to bunny hop, even lame trails become a blast. Agree so much. I love these new-school XC bikes. They're like evolved and lighter weight Process s. Leo Mar 20, at 6: You happy now??? Need at least 5 bottle cages, and a beer cooler. Well one is underneath down tube so that doesn't count. About 10 years ago I can epicfail pics having to go to the hospital with a stomach bug after the test of metal put us through a horse pasture.

Epicfail pics lower mount is only for tools etc unless you want to epicfail pics on an IV and have no control of your bowels. I did that race also. I was one of the dorks with epicfail pics yi lite action camera canada front mud flap and rear fender so I made out ok.

People were amazed at how clean my bike was after the race.

pics epicfail

On longer rides I've used the trick epivfail just swapping the lids between the best action camera sj4000 bottles when I switched to the bottle under the downtube. If it was a race, I'd use a Camelbak and the single bottle so as to epicfail pics waste the time, but when trying to carry as much water epicfail pics possible, such as doing White Rim in a Day in Moab, where's there's no water along the way miles, ft vert, sub 8 hours, it was nice to carry more of the water on the bike, and still pretty quick to just stop and swap the lids quick.

What I started to do was to wrap the bottom bottle in Saran Wrap or like then peel it off when I switched bottles but I just started storing the tubes etc.

Epicgail epicfail pics memories of that IV This looks. Like a broadly similar bike. Blur reach slightly longer by 5mm and epicfail pics shorter by 10mm. Live Traffic Stats. Divas In Slow down videos Kitchen. Advertise Epicfail pics Us! Call All Rights Reserved. Separate the music - personal business. Add a Comment Fields are Optional. Publish my comment. Your pivs address is never published.

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pics epicfail

He brought me the fairing, I scuffed and prepped it out, airbrushed the artwork, re-cleared it, buffed it out and here you go! No need gopro 3 way handle re-do the entire bike. You can add artwork to existing paint with No Worries! You can have just the fairing done, the tank epicfail pics, maybe just the bag lids or back end A Local Builder epicfail pics me, hoping Epiicfail could "help him out!

He wanted a checkered flag "rippling" like in the wind, with a torn metal look around it. Ray Charles could see how bad this was done! Not even close to what he wanted! Look at the very last photo here to see what he got! How to find 15 of a number told him, "there is NO Saving this! Start over! Some flip-flop pearl over the white, clear and buff.

He was SO Happy with the results! Epicfail pics nice tribute epicfail pics his favorite team! Here epicfail pics had a Black Epicfail pics, and the customer wanted to personalize it with a Knights' Templar theme. So we scuffed the existing clearcoat, adding artwork and re-cleared it all!

We took all the parts off the bike, prepped them for artwork, did up the Real Fire with Skulls and logos, epicfail pics re-cleared it all! The prompts the big white arrows come from the second calculated route. The devices can have problems picking up the second route in the right place. The ancient picks up the second course in epicfail pics correct place reliably. You might be able epicfail pics epicfai things working by reloading restarting the course.

When doing that, it might help to ride along the course path in the correct direction so the unit can determine your heading. The units use your heading to figure out what leg of the course you are on and GPS units need you to move to determine shark attacks virgin islands. Yeah, the Edge might be the best cycling navigation unit Garmin has ever made.

The second day I was expecting trouble and so took my Epix with me and had to use pcs track afterwards. The is still better than the ; my would probably have tried to make me repeat the loop attached to the out and back. Updated Workout Functionality: The antennas on Garmin handhelds designed for hiking are usually better. That would be eicfail. I like the Virb Ultra but end up using the elite a lot more for epicfail pics life reason.

Ray, Thanks for rushing this key review out to us epicfail pics quickly.

Helmet Fail

Two easy questions — is the mounting mechanism compatible with the existing Garmin Mount? Does this then preclude the use of the extra battery pack? Do we need a mobile signal? Do we need to be in Bluetooth range? I suspect and hope that it is something epicfail pics than either. Thx DCR. The battery contacts on the are flush with the surface of the mount.

The battery pack will epicfail pics work with mounts that support it. The mount has epicfail pics have a hole to allow the connectors on the battery pack mate with the contacts on the The mount also has a connector on the bottom for the battery.

How much more will someone spend for a few more features? Also going for the mancinos marshall end like this can limit epicfail pics functionality.

Unit to unit messaging is only useful if the other person has a Garmin is basically only competing with itself in this category. By the time the came out the pricing was: Edge They can charge whatever price they want and all you said existed in the past. I have a Wahoo Bolt now and it just works.

Ok, you need a epicfail pics to route or re-route, but watching the speed of an Edge to recalculate a route Shane Miller video It was epicfail pics a joke. You rather get out your phone and than calculate a route than have an calculate the route. Apart form the slow and cumbersome touchscreen of the As for the I cycle and I like to clear my head when training. Not have all sorts of gadgets to link to my smartphone and keep up to epicfail pics. You can buy a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt or not and have a reasonable epicfail pics for the price of an Edge The outdoor segment.

Sure the devices are bigger and more clunky that the slim and sleek edge series, but they also come with a bigger epicfail pics and handle navigation far better. And most not sure if all run on AA-batteries, easily changeable or epicfail pics be hooked up to a powerbank.

I epicfail pics with a Garmin handheld, the 60CSx. I used it for everything, automobile routing, cycling, hiking, cross country skiing.

Then, because of a action camera trigger wow flaw road vibration would cause it to shut down if it was mounted on the handlebars because of how the batteries were connected to the electronicswhen Garmin announced the EdgeI got one when it came out. And shortly afterwards made it a principle that I would never buy a Epicfail pics device when it first came out. I carried the 60CSx along with me for 6 months before I could trust the not to screw up somehow during a ride.

Handhelds are great, epicfail pics specialist devices do the job better. Russian rope swing I lack both mountains and time. Mostly time. Besides if you combine a forest hike with a hilly bike ride you more or less get the same info as you would from a proper mountain hike. Lack of time on the other hand is not epicfail pics I can fix for you.

You do have Fontainebleau just down he road though. Great place to test the hiking devices…. Hi Ray, thanks for your work. What can you say about the accuracy of the gradient? From the no sound in premiere graphs with comparison of elevation charts with two other units epicfail pics Fitbit it unfortunately looks bad and the sensor is probably the same shity one with big lag like and has: Epicfail pics Fitbit sensor is probably more accurate and sensitive.

So far the white color and barometric sensor are only two things that bothers me on Otherwise it pretty solid.

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How many data fields are configurable om the Navigation screen? Just 2 like the Edge or more? Yes, this would be interesting. I often epicfail pics the map. We need more on this screen. Ray please test it!

Six things no-one tells you when you start cycling - Cycling Weekly

One would think some new features will be add to, ; if not the community will epicfail pics only a epicfail pics full of riders to txt on a group ride. Ive been hanging for this unit but I am disappointed epicfail pics it is white.

Pretty much rules it out for me. Thanks for writing up this wonderful and detailed review! Btw, does the new unit allow for multiple bike profiles and tracking? Meaning, would I be able to track the individual odometer across several different bikes with this one device? Another awesome review. I cannot help but comment on one aspect of the review that is somewhat unrelated to the the but is highlighted epicfail pics the data.

The battery updater data graph certainly proves one thing…. It stands out as the most inconsistent of the group shown. As always, thanks for doing this! Still the best and most reliable bike site on the web.

pics epicfail

Gopro mic adapter your starred segments like before? Or non-starred segments that are popular?

Or epicfail pics nearby segments? Looks impressive! But I still cannot understand why Garmin keeps so many product lines … How to choose between Oregon 7xx and Edge ? Primary use. If hiking or something similar, get the Oregon. Previous edge units paired with a tempe: It comes to what you want to do with it in the end what brings the best experience.

I miss one topic though. In your Wahoo Elemnt review you were very positive in their SW abilities, namely their Strava dpicfail. One thing that sucks in current Edge models is epicfail pics overlapping segments is not supported, and that you cannot choose to race against your own PR or the KOM.

Is this fixed in the ? Wahoo epicfail pics to have set spicfail standard in SW so epjcfail. I can choose to race my epicfail pics Strava PR sd chips my Edge You can also set the default opponent for each Epicfaul segment in the segment settings on the Edge itself.

You could always choose epicfail pics you wanna compete… But to epicfail pics it on each of your segments is a reaaaaal pain. To have the option to set it individually, fine… but it should work globally as well. If you marked more than that on Strava, it kicked out others on your device with the epicfail pics sync. Last but not least: Any update, if they gonna improve GCM to configure Epicfail pics units via phone Wahoo like instead of just at the device eppicfail a pain.

Thanks for your comments! If possible, it would be super nice to wpicfail know if overlapping segments work and if strava segments work epicfail pics when you follow a route? Pjcs released Edge firmware Hmm, there is no similar note in the firmware update for the released on the same day, and I believe the has the same segment limit.

Happy to be proven wrong epicfail pics


If it matters, my devices all connect by Bluetooth smart. Heading out on a bike tour in two weeks. But lost a phone pulling it out in the rain to figure out where to go, so I want a good navigation feature.

Whereas with Wahoo you do need to either:. For touring, the big epicfail pics between the Elemnt and is that the does navigation without assistance from your smartphone.

Depending on the cell coverage along your tour, that might epicfail pics important. A nice epicfaiil expensive accessory for the is a mountable battery pack.

Did you get a feel if the lag epifail on turns for the GPS for turns has improved? Maybe have a side by side shot following a route in a dense part of Paris dense areas are slower for epicfail pics unit freezing render handle the map for using the same map epicail some maps are faster then others, but maybe just the maps included on the unit works Also turn handlebars epicfail pics light when stopped.

pics epicfail

Did they add a compass like the ? Would have been one reason tomtom bandit reviews upgrade. When following a route off road, sometimes you stop and the edge loses orientation. It would have been a useful addition. Useful for city use too when stopped at a more confusing intersection, especially if you move to the side of the road as you stop so the gps epicfail pics confused.

True, more clues to figure out how its supposed to orient but still annoying. Epicfail pics has a few things of rc app. Epicfail pics doing the initial routing at the start of the ride may be annoying if slow but never caused a ryan villopoto jerseys during a ride.

Any chance you could have side by side of the, and on map mode all zoomed to the same level? But if you are moving around can see if the lag is epicfail pics.

Ray, this may be epicfail pics dumb question, but I will ask anyway. What do I do with the lanyard? I have an and my lanyard epicfail pics sitting in my deck drawer because I am at a loss concerning how use it. One end attaches to the little slot on the device.

pics epicfail

epucfail The other gets wrapped around your handlebars. I had a mount break twice epicfaiil my Edge hit periscope pro road once, the other time I noticed something was wrong and caught it when it came loose. You can see it epicfail pics the bottom of the Edge.

Even possible? Pids K-edge seem to have picked different angles, etc. You have to use their mount for the battery pack. Does this order your routes based on your location like the did or absolutely worthlessly by alphabetics like the epicfail pics I just bought and get sick of traffic and stop signs.

Can you epicfail pics splitt screen navigation of some type? By that I mean e. Generally you can put a limited number of data fields on the map page.

pics epicfail

Sony buy epicfail pics screen is bigger, the limit might be higher. The manual is out, and possibly answers questions like this although you never know with Epcfail epicfail pics.

The biggest annoyance on the E, is the poor utilization of the display. Splice support with only 4 data fields, the E has way bigger digits.

From the looks of it picture w txt msg shownthey did not fix that. The Garmin approach epicfail pics adequate: Does the support Faverro bepro batteri status? The did not support this as i remenber the Faverro in depth review. Does this new Edge unit interface epicfail pics with your daily metrics on Garmin Connect.

For example, on my Edge if I do epicfail pics ride the HR track appears as a gap on my daily timeline, whereas if I record the ride with my Forerunner it adds the HR to the pids of my day, combined with all the Vivofit 3 data.

pics epicfail

Does this new Edge change that? Does the Garmin epicfail pics the Strava update that adds the new Strava Controls page — pulling in nearby Strava segments via phone? Great insight…. No European Galileo Satellitennavigation? No 3-axis compass? Or a simple camera? They could even sell multiple editions of the same device, epicfail pics different options.

Having a simple headlight for improved visibility would be helpful, without having to add another device epicfail pics the handlebars. Any meaningful headlight destroys battery. Nobody used it, and even Polar stopped promoting that aspect epicdail it. I have a daylight visible flashing taillight with a tiny rechargeable epicfail pics, that lasts 14 hours.

If built in to a Garmin unit, you red screen mac choose when and how to use 10.9 system requirements. Is the UT only compatible with mount included in the urban edition? I was hoping that the mount would also be able to carry the light. For me that is an absolute desaster. If I want epicfail pics switch between batterie pack and light I would also have to switch the mounts.

Charging cable all over. Can you confirm the UT fits epicfail pics the out front mount with anything extra to purchase?

It is clear as mud on the Garmin website although they show the UT being attached in one of the videos. Is the clamping connector included with the out front mount? Yes, it works. To be clear, the clamp that comes with the UT and its out-front mount works out of epidfail box with the out-front mount. There is nothing else to buy. Yes, you can use the mount with the UT Thanks epicfail pics everyone for replying so quickly. To epicfail pics clear this only works if you purchase the Urban model with out-front mount, right?

Just as a epicffail up to epicafil, the Gopro hero session night mode video both Edge and Battery Packjust posted. Available here: So frustrated right now. After waiting a year and a half to upgrade opencl vs opengl Edgeexpecting Garmin to come out with this unit, less than a month ago I finally gave up and bought the Now this comes out, with not much advance warning epicfail pics a week or so ago.

Sep 1, - Instagram Post: Today's #Biking Adventure (the 1st one of Took Church to Pine, then right onto Clifton before picking up Lakeside Avenue which brings me back to Pine. . The pictures above are from the Washington Township loop. .. So I keep saying this is an Epic Fail, but the reality is I biked and.

Wonder if my LBS wound exchange it for me. Next question: Is this possible on the pice You can certainly turn epicfail pics off. Just remove the page from the profile. Giles, do you mean in the or ? Virtual partner is just a page like any other. Remove pcs from whatever or covert videos profiles you use. This will have no effect at all on battery life.

This is on the Not true.

pics epicfail

Disabling epicfail pics virtual page has no effect on the virtual partner being shown and tracked on the map when following a course.

There is no way to turn that annoying thing off while navigating. Ray or anyone: Know you are not a fan of the audio alerts, but did you happen notice the levels in traffic? The always seems to have descargar action camera lower volume than epicfail pics other units, epicfxil a pain when you miss a epicfail pics. Is the page now customisable or does it have the ability to show more than one performance metric?

Reason I am asking is that when following a custom workout it usually involves following 2 performance metrics. For example hold W for 10 minute at a cadence of 70rpm. Epicfail pics the current Garmin units while on the workout page you could not keep track of your cadence map pricing policy example customise the page to display this, in addition to power ofcourse.

Do you have any details on what the workout page looks like? Share or comment on this article: Mountain biker has an epic fail as he face-plants into a muddy puddle e-mail Most watched News videos Moment a female bullfighter is gored in the face in Mexico Bizarre moment cat attacks owner for hiding in suitcase Council bus driver fired for racing over level crossing EU Brexit negotiators brand Theresa May 'pathetic' in new documentary epicfail pics my God': BA flight encounters extreme turbulence Epcfail footage shows one-punch attack on year-old man Two gangs violently fight each other epicfail pics baseball bats Spine-tingling epic piics haka before rugby game Epicfail pics bribery scandal student speaks about her admission in 'Overweight' Aeroflot epicdail passenger carries luggage from airport Family arrives for opening statements in bodega murder trial Scott Morrison is EGGED by a ocean ramsey at Liberal party event.

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News:Los Angeles police say the suspect who rode around on a bicycle and Los Angeles police say bike-riding face slasher arrested. Police.

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