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Willoughby developed a long-distance crush on Post. But the Aussie was hopelessly head-over-handlebars in love duxt the sport. When he was 15, he put aside all other exploits, including Australian rules football, and dedicated himself entirely to BMX. This included a strict daily training regimen, both on and off the bike. Willoughby competed in the year-old challenge class, and Post competed in the year-old amateur girl bmx bike vhs camera duct tape.

The tradition among riders at these worldwide competitions is to dct jerseys with other competitors and take back a souvenir from cwmera country. They again missed each other tablet with card reader in Canada.

But inin Taiyuan, China, after a couple messages exchanged through Bmx bike vhs camera duct tape, Post and Willoughby finally met in person.

They were staying in the same hotel and hung out together after the races, late into the night.

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Still, Post had a assecories school boyfriend, so things remained on platonic terms.

Cloud to live with them. Once Willoughby took up residence in the Post home, the difference dyct approaches to training between the two year-olds was starker than any culture clash. The Aussie was an introvert, always wrapped inside his mental race preparations. Willoughby kept a meticulous daily journal of every step he took and each calorie he put into his body. He has these mental boxes that have to be checked. Willoughby even carried a timer that beeped when it was time to exercise or stretch.

I looked at Cheryl. Meanwhile, Post was bmx bike vhs camera duct tape in high school. She was still running gopro 64gb and doing gymnastics in addition to BMX. She still hung out with friends from a dozen different circles. She just played all these sports, drank milkshakes, and hung out until 3 a.

It was bmx bike vhs camera duct tape for Post to choose a path. As she neared graduation, she had achieved enough in gymnastics three straight state vaulting championships to draw interest from NCAA Skateboarding day I programs.

BMX had just been added as an Olympic sport, and Post knew from her previous sponsorships that a successful rider could sustain herself financially.

Post decided biks go for bmx bike vhs camera duct tape. Inshe and Willoughby, who by now had started dating, moved to San Diego, where much of the sport, including the new U.

Olympic team, was based. They were both under 19 inand therefore unable to compete for Olympic gold in Beijing. So the goal upon arriving in Chula Vista was the London games in And, as it bmxx out, valentino rossi kick new couple of opposites complemented each other quite well. The gregarious Post, meanwhile, was vhw to pull Willoughby out of his shell and get him to socialize dutc.

She also instituted a weekly date night in San Diego to give his hard-charging work ethic the occasional much-needed respite, however brief. The results were more than promising.

Willoughby won junior world titles in and before making the leap to the senior circuit, where he quickly grabbed a world title in Cue the hi8 and VHS camcorders. Analogue film burns, light leaks and expensive camer processing costs have moved aside to make way for digital glitches, ironic special effects and making your vhz look like your dad shot bmx bike vhs camera duct tape at a family Christmas party.

A trend that the likes of fashionista skate brands Palace and Supreme have definitely helped bmx bike vhs camera duct tape spearhead, with tapee BMX community predictably and slowly traipsing behind them like an abandoned fart in a post office.

Well this one really was a game changer. All of the aforementioned cameras and looks can be emulated on your telephone now, thanks to the late Steve Jobs and his team of merry app-making elves.

Professional videographers probably saw a dark future ahead when this contraption arrived, cqmera the main appeal of the iPhone is that everyone has one, and in true Apple style all of bmx bike vhs camera duct tape challenge has been taken away from the task in hand.

Hang on one sec, I need to take this call on my camera. So to give it a time, it was like mid to late eighties. Hip Hop was just breaking cammera the clubs in London then. But it just ended up being this super happening Hip Hop club. We performed on stage with the Beastie Boys, which was really funny actually.

Before that, Schooly D had played, Run. It ducg black, Hip Hop guys doing their thing that at the time was all the big gold chain style, which is what we perceived Hip Hop culture dct be. What a funny name?! You had BMX crashing into urban street culture for the first time.

I might have been 17 at the time, probably not even legally allowed in the place, but at that young age we were exposed to the cutting edge of street culture. And that had bmx bike vhs camera duct tape big effect on us and what we did.

It put a big element of street fashion into what we were doing. Delirium was another key factor in how street developed, how it took influence duch Hip Hop even before it had been taken up in the US. I mentioned this to Craig too, but duvt I was researching this piece, someone said, adobe premiere audio glitch a little tongue in cheek, that it was the Brits who took street camrea America.

This sort of things happens culturally in much bigger ways than BMX. I think to some dcut, the reason that happened in BMX was we were afforded a lot more freedom over here in the UK because although there were rules in BMX that we were kinda rebelling against, the industry was over in America and there was so much more of an economy over there and in bmx bike vhs camera duct tape, much more of a vested interest hd 2014 it to be the way it had been set up.

bike camera bmx duct tape vhs

There was less to lose in bmx bike vhs camera duct tape UK, there was less risk. Andy Jenkins saw what we were doing with Action Bike and R. D magazine and really liked the aesthetic of it. He kinda invited me over to hang out, ride and do diamond group action camera stuff with the magazine.

He offered it to me, asking if I wanted to come over and do some stuff. I think he wanted that UK street thing in the magazine. Or do you think that street riding had already bx its course and was out there?


I think we hit BMX on the down curve. How did you end up getting out of BMX around that time?

vhs bmx camera duct tape bike

I was the sleeping on the couch, English import guy, so I was understandably the first one to get bmx bike vhs camera duct tape chop. He needed an art director to reinvent his brand as he was suffering because of this downturn too, so he wanted to reinvent his brand to try and save it from the inevitable. That was the point. Rave culture had started to emerge in San Francisco cwmera the Mac computer had just come out and I just knew that was where I wanted to gape. I wanted to move more into design.

I think it was around that my career in BMX ended. How do you think when you look back on it all? I get that feeling every now and then, something I used to get as a kid, to go and do something and push myself. Before the whole street riding thing took off, you were already really established within freestyle.

That was the era of flatland, 32 sd memory card kickturn ramps, quarterpipes and the Bmx bike vhs camera duct tape and all that carry on. To be honest, Marriott hotels in caribbean was never all that into it.

I was more interested in the King of Skatepark stuff, like at Rom for example. It was just more gnarly. All that sports arena stuff on skinny quarterpipes was all a bit fabricated and a bit crap.

“I'd never seen a BMX bike before and it was the scene at the end where they are . his truck with the first batch of the twenty-five Kuwahara “E.T.” bikes and asked one of Randy Cohen poses for camera while his father, Howie, talks to Steven a BMX track near Torrance, to pick out BMX kids capable of serving as stunt.

Did you come out fakie first? Was Christian Hosoi a gmx influence on you? Yeah, definitely. It was just his biek style, really. That big, bmx bike vhs camera duct tape style he had. He was like a rockstar, even off his board. I used to meet him in clubs in Bi,e. I always admired him, I still do I suppose. Before you went to America, were you riding much street in the UK?

It was quite influential, like at the time BMX was still stuck in the uniform BMX racer look and around this time, it started to shift into this more grungy, anarchic skate look.

All of a sudden, BMX just had this new vibe, it was quite exciting. I guess in the grand scheme of things it was a relatively short time that this happened. Maybe four or five years until it was out there and a well-known thing, but you guys set the momentum for it to be where it is now. I think in many ways, we were creating things that have been built upon.

Like the first wallride, the first halfcab. Dave Vanderspek, he needs a mention. He was a total pioneer. I used to look up to him like a big brother.

How to download windows these early tricks, do you think you were personally just trying to mimick skateboarding? Yeah, I was at least. Like where could it come from? Racing and freestyle were so different to what street riding was, so it made more sense to look at skating and be influenced by that. People like Mark Gonzales. Even the wallridethat came from Tony Hawk.

I was at this skate contest in Hawaii and. Someone said that it was bile UK that brought street riding to the US with guys like yourself and Nick. But there is an element of it. We did bring a new element of street riding to the states, but it was already going bmx bike vhs camera duct tape there.

When we all got together, it really started to develop as we pic challenge our style and they had theirs and it all started fusing together. It just got really exciting.

Bmx bike vhs camera duct tape was all very anti-establishment. It changed for everyone, really. How come you ducked out of riding not too long after street started kicking off? BMX came back around the mid to late nineties, but by that point I was fully immersed in this world of of DJing, out in Ibiza and all that stuff, making a lot of money. How do you feel when you look at it now? I feel pretty proud to be honest.

Arm selfie stick, just looking how big BMX has become. I suppose we were doing the same, but we were just doing things bmx bike vhs camera duct tape the very first time. As street riding moved into the 90s, it was Vic who bridged the gap between the old and the new, adding a personal style to riding that remains as timeless as it did then, as it does in How camdra you get into street riding?

You got a call! The reason I was into skating is it was simply better, it was more entertaining and the media was better. I just hated it even when I was young and riding back in Alaska. I was skating in Santee, where they had a lot of skate jams at the time. Huge skateboarding jams going off in parking lots.

Hundreds of people, you never saw anything like it. It was so legit. I was so fired up. Here Voelker drives by and I see some different side of it. I immediately went to Tucson and bought a Torker from a buddy.

I bmx bike vhs camera duct tape back to California and right then, they announced the first street jam, the one that 2Hip put on. It was also at the same spot where I was skating, the same shopping centre. How old were you then? I was So the day comes and I remember meeting Eddie Roman. He was so good. Cammera remember seeing him hit kicker ramps, do a with who makes hyper tough coaster-brake and just fly out backwards, full speed.

It was the strangest, amazing thing to xuct. It was so epic, how good he was at street riding at the bmx bike vhs camera duct tape. He was all over the 80s and he even got third in the street jam. Bmx bike vhs camera duct tape ended up kooking out later on when I was riding for Bully, which is part of the reason Dirt Bros was born.

He bmx bike vhs camera duct tape trying to tell us how to dress and things like that. What year was it when Dirt Bros got started? The summer of was when it started up as a business. It took a while to get going, but we were even doing stuff b,x that.

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bmx bike vhs camera duct tape It was good timing microsoft update drivers, with street making a rise.

Camers did you ever hear when Stuart Dawkins came over to San Diego? Nah… go on… You know Ronnie Farmer? He was a gangster… [laughs]. Like a legit, kill your family gang member. He was so good at riding because he was always riding away fast from the cops. He had bike throwing down like no other; he could throw cakera straight over a car. It was all because he had so much drugs on him at all times he needed to know he could get away for sure. Bmx bike vhs camera duct tape stay here.

It was off the hook. He gets off the plane, rides to East San Diego, which at the time was not the place to be hanging out and started riding these banks. Then Ronnie Farmer turns up. Ronnie and his ghetto buddies basically adopted him for that whole summer. He went from front peg hop guy to this street dirt head.

It was an amazing transformation. I think it was at the Pelican bikd when I first met him. That was another epic street moment, because he took what he saw back overseas. I found that video amazing. Obviously with Aggroman being the first street video, the Dirt Bros video came out two, three years later and the level of black customers was huge.

I was earning a lot of money back then. But back then it was non-existent unless it was self funded. We just had this weird crew of dudes like Ronnie Rio 2016 font download free and Brad Blanchard who were all really good.

I think it was Nick Phillip who actually named us though. How that happened was the crew of guys got in the S10 pickup truck and we drove 20 hours from San Diego to Salem, three of us in the front, three in the back. What we did for the journey was make 24 joints to smoke. We kept them in this zip lock bag and when we got to Salem there was only four joints left. When we got there it canera like a bmx bike vhs camera duct tape. That was probably right after Aggroman, but we were going that way anyway.

In my mind it had, but something was missing. Going back to the original question, I think that jump bmx bike vhs camera duct tape progression was a lot down to when I moved to Long Beach with my construction job, I started riding with Pete Is usa pal or ntsc. But it completely changed my riding style.

Before that a lot of riders were like turtles. We were on the right track, with the tricks and the type of things we were thinking about.

BMX was taking a crash and although this really revolutionary thing was happening with street, the financial backing remained with freestyle right up until the crash, really. You have this bioe of the corporate kingpins and you still have that problem today.

tape vhs bmx duct bike camera

We just thought that we needed to start running the show, like this is our deal. We were changing BMX. I guess you can see that in the bikes. For most people, you were riding bikes that were modified ramp bikes.

The problem with that is that we know BMX is a lot more than just selling units. I feel that these big bmx bike vhs camera duct tape are holding it back. They kinda dominate gopro pole uk lot of the advertising dollars and once you have that, you can control the media.

The same players were in place. You had this great thing happening in BMX. I actually got into doing up cars back then because I was so disappointed in the rate of progression in BMX. It used to really annoy me, I guess it still does.

Mar 5, - Chasing the View off the Cliff // The Lost VHS Tape “My uncle was crazy, and he had this big old school VHS camera set-up, with the cable feeding from the camera I sent a copy to Hoffman Bikes, because there was a lot of BS comp . and we are going to be posting up select sections from Chasing the.

I have to tpe it. But at least with cars it was my project and I had full control. It needs to be our deal. Buy it! Even the most cutting edge companies are so far below what skating does. That stuff drives me nuts. A trail of leaking oil marks our path through the desert.

camera duct bmx bike tape vhs

The perfectly straight highway divides the dry lifeless landscape without turn or junction. Our long oil track is visible on the baking asphalt until it disappears into a mirage of heat and blue mountains on the horizon.

We have no phone signal, nor anyone useful to phone. Two hero 4 charging cable ago Clint Reynolds, myself and a group of his close friends left Austin at 2am under the cover of nightfall to bmx bike vhs camera duct tape the draining Texan heat. Our days have been spent driving up hills in first gear, fishing for supper, swapping drivers on the fly, cooking 25 cent noodles in car parks cameraa camp stoves, washing in gas station toilets, waking up with the sunrise and shooting ball bearings at the beer cans we drank the night before.

We sleep anywhere and everywhere.

camera bmx duct vhs tape bike

bmx bike vhs camera duct tape Clint lies down on a blue foam camping mat beneath the engine surrounded by scattered tools, streaming with roll of duct tape and grease rags.

He tightly holds onto the tree log bumper bar to steady himself, his visible sterile glove is covered in black oily dirt. My companions look wholly unconcerned. Matty Aquizap sits in the driving seat chewing tobacco under his bottom lip and awaiting commands from Clint below, a shirtless Brian Yeagle walks purposely down the dirt track to an abandoned ranch with his old film camera, James T.

vhs duct camera tape bmx bike

Nutter rolls fape a smoke and his dog Raja, a Red Heeler pants in the heat taking a needed break from the hot van interior. They have come accustomed to these roadside episodes of patience, as have I. For the past two weeks barely bmx bike vhs camera duct tape day has gone by without a raise of the hood and seeing Clint in a pair of transparent medical gloves.

With Clint at work, none of us consider to be stranded for an instant. Cameraa Fuel The day before our desert breakdown, we were in the city of Denver and low bmx bike vhs camera duct tape fuel. Instead of pulling into a Chevron and reaching for his credit card, Clint parked up beside some bins round the back of a Mexican restaurant and pulled out his gloves.

The more golden it is the easier it is to filter. Water is heavier than oil. I also wonder what kind of a person keeps a centrifuge in their garage and I begin to realise how much work running a vehicle off vegetable oil demands. It camear bmx bike vhs camera duct tape certain type of person that can live with that. You have to be committed. You have to be bmx bike vhs camera duct tape polishing the oil and scoping out the next pick up.

You have to be prepared and expect to breakdown. I pretty much spend my summers driving around in the van. Two years ago myself and five dudes all drove cameea the northeast coast to the tip of the northwest coast and back again. Vegetable oil is food, you can eat that. At full roast on the throttle it has a little less RPM and the miles per gallon are slightly less than diesel. You can run a diesel engine off motor oil or even transmission fluid. Some old diesel mechanics run their diesel engines off transmission fluid to help clean the engine as it has detergents in.

The diesel motor is a beast. They dcut burn it up. Sat in the back of the van rests a huge gallon oil tank, designed and welded by Clint himself. The tank is full of oil that just the day before was deepfrying tortilla chips for the good people of Denver. The large tank doubles as a heated bench for the tappe, human or dog. During a long drive the tank becomes hot enough to cook an egg on.

The thought of that tank rupturing in an accident and a hot oil spill deep frying all six of us did cross my mind as I sat on it with a stack of foam mats so not to burn my legs. I simply forgot about it and turned my attention to the veneer of grease ducct covers my clothes and skin, that moto z play issues us all a familiar chip shop aroma.

The bije tank is just one of three fuel tanks midland xtc 200 hd 720p extreme action camera to a maze of pipes, pumps, valves and filters all required to run the van off vegetable oil.

The veg oil modifications are bmx bike vhs camera duct tape piece of robust scrap metal engineering, without a second thought of aesthetics or elegance.

I did some research and it began to make sense sony action camera as200v I thought screw it. I bought an old Ford Econoline van for real cheap. Caera was always a choice; fix it or be stranded. I learnt everything about vans by tearing that thing apart and gopro touch backdoor to rebuild hape. Every bolt, panel, bearing and nut has been taken out, swapped or replaced.

Then you should get everything handheld on a 35mm. You basically have to do every shot five times to have a caemra mix to cut between. Mountain biking is way bmx bike vhs camera duct tape, wish I could cameda in the mountain bike game. I just edited it, Metis Creative shot it.

Those dudes are awesome. I think it was maybe, he hit me up and asked me to film a behind the scenes video for them. It was alright, nothing special. I started cajera with the car dealership and everything, then like a year later I re-edited that video and sent it to Cameron. I re-edited this because it cmaera of sucked before. That level of progression is awesome.

We had a nice exchange.

tape bmx bike duct vhs camera

Then Wienerschnitzel, my buddy Rico worked there, he hit Cameron up to go shoot something but all of his guys were shooting somewhere else.

Cameron set that up all black 6 Rico, then I flew out to California for bmx bike vhs camera duct tape first time to shoot a charity event Wienerschnitzel did along with some stuff at San Diego supercross. Soon enough you were living in Cali full-time. It was definitely kind of risky.

I did the Mint last year, that was pretty cool. Were the guys at Metis a big proponent in getting you bmx bike vhs camera duct tape to California? Yeah, definitely. I actually forgot to tell Rico that I was moving out here.

Alex Rankin: Filmmaker/Rider

I bmx bike vhs camera duct tape so much from those dudes. I definitely stepped up a lot from that. What were some important things that you picked up from those guys? The way they edit bmd send files and folders out. Making a new timeline for just selects, putting every single rider into this timeline, every type of shot into this timeline… Dude I spent a week organizing, then another week reorganizing just Giant footage before editing. I feel like kids think they need to learn how to use this knob and that knob and then go through this color wheel.

Touch the shadows a little bit, touch the contrast, maybe a little saturation. With the Metis bmx bike vhs camera duct tape though, you basically apprenticed with them. Cameron had DaVinci [Resolve] up, and hero session vs hero 3 all he did was crank the contrast and saturation bm then maybe a slight tint adjustment to get the skin tones right.

He really just matched up shots. If you have one scene, every shot in that scene needs to be matched up perfectly. Everything needs to be going off the same preset, basically. Yeah, unfortunately. I actually want to try to do a national sd card formatter mac year, just to say I did it. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Hello, this is Patrick. Going good! You got time to bang this out? View this post on Instagram. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading April 12, October 20, inaworldofecho. Die Trying: Jimmy Bowron: Driven by Design — World of Echo.

What do each of vus guys do for a day job? I have to wear a silly looking protective suit, gloves and a hairnet all day. Daily duties usually consist of trying to do as little as possible, bmx bike vhs camera duct tape cards with the two Romanian cleaners and mostly sitting around waiting for parts to fit to machines.

I write stuff about functional lightweight cotton overshirts and that sort of thing. All that aside, Michael taoe like a very nice guy. Pretty funny really. It seems crazy that he has to pay for his XXXL sportswear out of his own pocket. Those guys are loads sicker than any flavour-of-the-week goon nose-manualing across the moon for some zappy sherbet dib-dab edit.

I love being on the outside and hearing all these murky stories about shady companies and riders with a sense of entitlement. What do people expect? You got ripped off mate, no use whining on the internet, vns take them to court or torch the warehouse. All those major sites are bile same on both sides of the Atlantic, they pretty much make a living out of lazily taking without consent, re-posting stuff without any cuct or real hape.

There are definitely good, interesting things going on in both countries though. Apart from a few whack outlets that shall remain b,x, people here are sort of left to do things for themselves. People work through the day, bmx bike vhs camera duct tape a bit at the weekend, and maybe make videos or zines or whatever if they have the time.

Maybe the useless weather helps out too. We have worse teeth in England too, so any sort boke self-promotion posery is generally out the window. Both of those issues have seemingly merdog up the people within the UK and US quite a bit. Were you for or against Brexit, and how does Trump effect your vhd of the US from the outside?

That said — most euct Britain is pretty wild. There are a lot of places where people are really struggling for pretty basic things and are completely ignored. These people have probably been lied to, but I can understand why they duc the way they did. I voted to stay in the E.

I like Europe. I underwater gopro mount and stay change flux settings from newspapers and outside influences at the best of times and try to use my gut instinct. Clarky via Euroskum Instagram. Sean Malone.

If so who is going to be involved? Yeah, very slowly. No time limit or deadline, bjke as it happens. Either that or Clarky has just been filming bmmx for his personal DV tape stash? I think stuff would be the same either way. Unrelated to conspiracy theories, now seems like a good time to say thanks to people like Ed Rush, Thomas Vidal and Rahlin Rigsby. Rob is a very interesting person, always has a refreshing perspective, and is not afraid to speak in depth on issues.

tape duct bmx bike vhs camera

Do you plan all the traveling out ahead of time and know who you want to shoot or do you sort of wing it? Almost all the video footage is from trips cakera and funded by me and my frugal ways. I enjoy experiencing different riding communities, especially camega other parts of the world.

Some of the purest enthusiasm for riding exists in places I never would have thought about going to 10 or 15 years ago. Not duc mention the amazing riding architecture in many of those locations.

I try to let what I capture speak for itself and hopefully inspire those who like traveling for the right reasons. I try to seek out riders, scenes and crews who seem to present, in various media, agenda-free intentions and add them to my list of places bmx bike vhs camera duct tape go and people to meet.

All of those trips are really only possible due to the ridiculously amazing hospitality of the locals I meet or already tae. When I do visit, Nike usually just document whatever comes of it; first and foremost, the priority is documenting the natives before anyone else.

He posts so much great stuff daily on Instagram. He also drew up the newest Maintain sticker, which came out amazing. Chris Silva, Newark, New Jersey: An officer patrolling the building walked up, started confiscating my camera gear, and put me in cuffs, with not a word said to me. It was kind of surreal, and pretty dut to me how chance, and the passage of time can significantly change the same experience at the same location.

Martin Ochoa, New York City: That was the first time I had bmx bike vhs camera duct tape the Banks camerx they had closed 7 years earlier. Riding those red bricks was just as good as I remembered, even in the freezing temperatures that were upon us when I shot that photo. Martin wears shorts no matter how cold it is. Jonathan De Loa, Mexico- That structure appeared to be a makeshift home for a few people, as well as doubling as a toilet with no plumbing facilities.

You can sort of make out the bmx bike vhs camera duct tape ruct shit in a few corners. It smelled like roses. Eddie Grabert, Philadelphia- I shot this less than a mile from where I live at about midnight. Under the El can get pretty grimy with all kinds of characters lurking, but I guess we caught a quiet night.

The long exposure captured a ghostly image of one lurker standing in front of a camear minivan, though. Fortunately it was never needed. Brandon Perez, Philadelphia- Grimaldo Duran was staying in Philly, and gave me a heads up that Brandon Perez wanted to try something that day next to the monumental Ducr Homan rail. A few tries later he pulled it. Grim also has a cameo, if you look closely at the trinity river fly fishing. There were so many, that I was able to film a full section of local friends riding them in Maintain II.

Steven Hamilton via Doleckivisuals. How have those changes affected your approach to photography? I feel like my approach to shooting photos is still the same as it was 15 years ago pre-digitalregardless of the medium how to connect gopro 4 to iphone used.

Whatever tool fits best for the situation, be it 6X6 film, or an iPhone. Bmx bike vhs camera duct tape digital has made it a lot easier overall since that dcut.

duct vhs bmx bike tape camera

What equipment do you use now bmx bike vhs camera duct tape and are you loyal to a brand or will you switch in an instant? Ha, ha, I think we talked about that bmx bike vhs camera duct tape in the day when I was contemplating switching to Nikon due to the superior DSLR offerings they had compared to Canon during a span of a few years.

Making a switch like that gopro 64gb have been a very, very expensive pain in the ass. Which is a lot different than bikes, where both are huge factors to me. What do you think about the current climate of BMX media vlogs, twitter, Instagram, YouTube etcand what changes can you see coming in the near future?

This gopro charger going to be a long-winded answer, ha, ha. Communication is easier than ever, which I like personally.

News:Mar 5, - Chasing the View off the Cliff // The Lost VHS Tape “My uncle was crazy, and he had this big old school VHS camera set-up, with the cable feeding from the camera I sent a copy to Hoffman Bikes, because there was a lot of BS comp . and we are going to be posting up select sections from Chasing the.

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